When I visit different placies in the world I like to watch houses and surroundings not as whole picture but as a set of details. Very often if you concentrate to smalled details of different houses, they have so beautiful stories to tell.
This picture is taken in Venice. Mostly people who walk in this beautiful city like to look at different tourist placies and enjoy the environment.
If you concentrate to the details this city is like a puzzle, where every piece has hundreds of details.  When you look at this picture you can nearly feel all the long history and real spirit of the house. It is not at all difficult to imagine, how people lived in such house for long time ago. In my eye here is so beautiful collection of old and new bricks,  worn-out wooden covers and so freshly blooming flowers. Even the window base, metal holder keeping the wall stady and the  water pipe are all like old friends of the earlier mentioned components.