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Month October 2018

Green dragon

Taking a walk in one of the Estonian national parks I went deeper to the forest to take a photo of a beautiful valley and there it was  – a green dragon coming silently to the water making it’s morning… Continue Reading →

King of the trees

There are high trees and wide trees, shiny green trees and beautiful colorful trees but there is just one and only King of the trees.

Time stops

If you want to feel how it looks like when the time stops, then you need to go in a really foggy morning to the sea when it is still dark, sit down and wait silently untl the first sun… Continue Reading →

Wooden dragon

There are dark magic evenings, when you siting quietly on the sea shore, looking angry clouds flying over your head aiming their drilling eyes on you and in some moments you might see how really old wooden dragon is crawling… Continue Reading →

Foggy morning and waterfall

Foggy mornings are magic, as they do not paint just trees and bushes to new color, but they also lay down on the river and make it shine when it passes the drop down from the rocky step This photo… Continue Reading →

In the edge of the world

When you go to the edge of the world, then you can hang your legs over the edge and look how the clouds are sailing around you . Picture is taken in bog in beginning of september 2018.

A peek to romantic love story

Sometimes it is so, that you walk, think your own thoghts and then something just wakes you up to look around and it seems like you got possibility to peek into romantic film, what was just running in other dimension.

Colored centuries

Misty sunset

Even there was last call to go to sleep, they just wanted so much to see the last light of the sun pushing through the fog, what was rising full. They wanted to see the reflections from the clouds smiling… Continue Reading →

Lonely stone enjoying the lightshow

When I arrived to the beach, it was totally empty. There was just lonely stone sitting in the waves enjoying the magical  party of colors. I did not want to disturb. So I did quickly my shot and left quietly.

Autumn fairy tale

Running water whispers poem, colors paint a painting and lightly blowing wind sews them together to beautiful fairy tale.


This photo is like a life. Someone sees in this picture colors, another dark shades;  someone sees sunshine, another just rain; someone arrival of  better weather, another continuing rain. And then there are persons who are colorful and stay and… Continue Reading →

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