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Tallinn Christmas market

Tallinn Christmas market is voted as one of the most beautiful in the Europe. Here is the view I took in sunset.

Tallinn airport in sunset

Because of the virus there was no flights during some weeks, so it was possible to get licence to fly in such places with drone, where it has never been possible.

Tallinn capital of Estonia


Colorful neighbors

It is Russian border with Estonia. Left is Estonia and on the right is Russia.

Peeking to the backyard

Peeking to the backyard. Old Town Tallinn.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena in Flumignano

This church in photo is built on 13-th century. I like so much the buildings with all the spirit of these ages with surroundings combined with sunset. When you look on such scene it is possible to feel how the… Continue Reading →

IR photo of old castle

I continue make also IR photos, as much as they are interesting for me. This photo is taken with 1 minute long exposure to get the feeling of flowing time.  When you concentrate to the movements of the clouds and… Continue Reading →

Sunset , Moon and church

Gate to Narnia

When the cupboard was moved to gate to Narnia came open. You nearly could feel how it sucks you int the fairy tale and you clearly heard the voices of all the mystery creatures. Foto is taken in Finland near… Continue Reading →

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