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Beauty and the beast

Witch’s well

Aurora with Milkyway

Breathe of the winter

Rising Moon

Red in the cage

Green trolls

Do you remember the green trolls from the animation Frozen. I just was also in their reunion in one night, what looked like a fairy tale.

Counting the stars

When it got darker then the old Oak tree always started to count the stars. He had a dream to count all the stars in the sky. He always started with a lot of energy, but after some time of… Continue Reading →


Moon is the Sun

I love this single oak in the field. It is really majestic. The photo is taken because of the clouds, what where this night really dramatic and the full moon even made it more beautiful.

Like teletubbies scene

Sometimes you walk on the filed, then you stop and look around and it seems that you have walked into the TV program, as everything around you looks so familiar.

Wooden dragon

There are dark magic evenings, when you siting quietly on the sea shore, looking angry clouds flying over your head aiming their drilling eyes on you and in some moments you might see how really old wooden dragon is crawling… Continue Reading →

Lonely stone enjoying the lightshow

When I arrived to the beach, it was totally empty. There was just lonely stone sitting in the waves enjoying the magical  party of colors. I did not want to disturb. So I did quickly my shot and left quietly.

Lighthouse in fog

It was really exceptionally warm summer evening and as winds has mixed the water in see, the water was exceptionally cold and so the sea was steaming and setting sun was coloring it beautiful.

Meeting at the crossroads

It was too late and time for running and splashing was ended. So father gathered children running around and it was time to go home crossing the highway of the sun

Sleeping mountains

Sun is making it’s last peek over the mountains who are already sleeping in mist. When you look this picture it is so easy to take a parallel of reading the fairy tale to the baby. Sun is like the… Continue Reading →

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