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Old oak with a lot of stories to tell

Where did the winter leave

Where all the winter has gone

Yesterday we were just swimming in the ice-cold water, ice cold wind teasing us, with it’s soft breath. Waking up in the morning it was all gone. Gone as it has been just a dream and nothing left. There was… Continue Reading →

Flooding river

Sunset and lighthouse

Windmill and Moon

It was frosty morning sunrise and windmill was just looking the Moon and enjoying the moment, when Sun started to rise and put it’s golden touch to the shoulder of windmill.

Time to go

Birds are heading to north and sund moving down, it is time to go.

Magic around us

Everything is silent. You hear just the voice of the energy flowing between old mossy stones and you feel all this power, what the old sorraundings bring with them and the energy water is pushing inside. In the same moment… Continue Reading →

Place were fairy tales born

Standing in the river looking all this water flowing down the slope you just feel how all this energy what is coming down is building inside you and it makes you feel so great.

Sunset in Poland

Every sunset has his own story, what he want’s to tell to us. Sometimes it’stired, sometimes it’s joyful, sometimes just singing quietly.

Contrasts of April

This year April has been so full of contrasts. It has been -15 and in a few days abou +20. One day snowing 30 cm and next sun shining warm.  This picture characterises the feeleing well. It was 22 degrees… Continue Reading →

Spring paints fairytales

There are placies where fairytales born. You just need to walk with open eyes and you can find such placies. Some of them are painted, like in this picture.

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