I have been training dogs since early 90-ties.  Training dogs is for me a hobby, what makes a really good balance for everyday business and clears the mind.
Dogtraining is for me passion I really enjoy. I did not image, when I started train dogs, that I would like to be a judge.
Anyhow training dogs daily and seeing interesting dogs in seminars abroad it has more and more leaded me to the direction, that I like judging and enjoy to see and valuate the character of the dog combined with the handler training skills.  As a judge I have been explaining all the time to the handlers, that excellent IGP dog means, that he needs to have really brilliant character but it must be also combined with really high level training.  In my eye judging has became much more difficult, than it was earlier. As some 15-20  years ago there was everything more about power and drives and technical part was more secondary, the skills of the handlers and training methods have developed so much, that the role of technics has grown a lot. That means, that judges must valuate the power (character) and the “wild nature” of the dogs but they must see it also combined with technical part. For sure it is not an easy job, as judging in the field time runs quickly and there is no possibility to slow motion as most of people do at home  watching videos in  computers. I personally think, that good judge must have a certain eye to really see the spirit of dog behind the technical exercise. My experience says, that it is something what is coming with genes and it is not so much trainable. Some people see it and others not. Big role is in everyday trainings of dogs, what helps to preserve the touch and eye.

 As FCI IPO judge I have judged:

-2023 Estonian IGP – FH Championships
-2023 FCI supervisor in FCI IGP – FH World Chamionsips in Finland
-2022  IGP- FH Finnish Championships
– 2022 FCI IGP – FH Norwegian championships
– 2022 USA RSV Global qualification IGP (A) and IGP-FH
– 2021 FCI IGP – FH World Championships in Hungary
– 2021 Ukraine IGP Championships  part A & C
-2021 AWDF IGP Championships (USA) part A
-2021 Finnish IGP Championships part C
– 2019 Finnish IGP- FH Championships
– 2019 CACIT IPO competition in Latvia (part A)
– 2017 CACIT IPO competition in Finland (part C)
– 2016 Latvian German Shepherd Championships in IPO
– 2016 Rottweiler World Championships in IPO
– 2016 Finnish Dobermann IPO Championships
– 2016 CACIT IPO competition in Finland (part A)
– 2016 Finnish Rottweiler Championships (parts A, B)
– 2015 Bouvier World Championships in IPO (part C)
– 2014 Vilnius Cup in IPO (parts A, B, C)
– 2011 Estonian IPO Championships for all breeds (A, C)
– 2010 Estonian Dobermann Championships in IPO (A, B, C)

I have been participating in FCI annual training seminars for judges 6 times (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2023).
I speak English, Finnish and Russian.