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Month August 2018

Crowded sunset

In some evenings there is difficult to find place in the beach to admire sunset as there is so many stones and clouds already gathered together to enjoy the sunset. You really need to fight the place to yourself to… Continue Reading →

Mysterious morning

It was so silent, that we could hear the fog moving around you making silent sizzling voice. When you did not move you felt, how the it was moving slowly over you making short stops like drying to smell and… Continue Reading →

Sunrise in foggy bog

Reality or dream

Reality can be sometimes like a dream and dream can be as bright as reality.

IR photo of old castle

I continue make also IR photos, as much as they are interesting for me. This photo is taken with 1 minute long exposure to get the feeling of flowing time.  When you concentrate to the movements of the clouds and… Continue Reading →

Windmill in sunset colors

Black and blue

Sometimes it is getting dark and you see just storm around you and everything is colored dark. Then you just have to concentrate to the beauty of the dark colors and you will see the sun light  coming after the… Continue Reading →


Evening like fairy tale

There are evenings like fairy tales, when you sit down looking deep in the water and see how the mermaids are swimming under the surface. If you are quiet, then you even hear their sing. You just feel how the… Continue Reading →

IR picture of Kadriorg

Infrared photography is interesting in the way, that human eye does not see IR. So the world in IR photos looks a bit different than human eye has used to see. Here is picture of Talinn Kadriorg

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