Dogs and dogtraining is my hobby what has taken really a big part of my everyday life.
I have been training dogs in tracking, obedience and bitework already from the early 90-ties. 
All material connected to this has been divided to different sites – Facebook, Instagram, my dogsport club Sportkoer etc. 
I thought, that it could be time to gather it all together, so it is more easy to follow for people. That’s why I did this webpage.

As I like to take pictures,  I also added section of this hobby and I also will have here a blog, where I write about competitions,
travels, seminars etc. where I go.

My backround of training dogs can be found from my club Sportkoer webpage
Earlier I had dobermans, which I trained and competed. Now I have malinois.
A lot of my trainees have succeeded well in Estonian championship level, but also in World Championships of IPO and IPO-FH.
In our club webpage you can also see more pictures, videos and results  of dogs sporting with me and trained by me.
Our club has also YouTube channel.

Everyday work of mine is connected with professional kitchens (hotels, restaurants etc) and because of this I also enjoy making food.
Maybe someday I add also such section in here.

We have very “dogsport” family as my wife Mari is also IPO judge and also competing in dogsport.

In my hobby with dogs I have also been in following positions:
2000 – 2006 Chairman of the Board of Estonian Dobermann Association
2003 – 2006 Member of the Board of Estonian Kennel Union
2006 – 2008 Chairman of the Council of Estonian Kennel Union
2008 and 2010 Team leader at FCI IPO WC
2014 and 2016 Team leader at Fci IPO – FH WC
2001 – 2011 Chairman of Assembly of Estonian Kennel Union of Coordinating of Training Dogs
since 2005 – Estonian delegate at FCI Utility Dog Commision You can also follow me in Instagram and Facebook.

Here is one video from my everyday business.