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Month December 2018

Follow the stars

Follow the stars and you will see wonderful placies and meet interesting creatures.Photo taken in Keila waterfall.

Sneaking sun

Sun was sneaking out from the fog really silently trying to see the magic floating on water and listen the leaving voices of night. It could move itself out so quietly, that there was even no ripple on the water…. Continue Reading →

December color party

First it was green and black. Then came the white shades and the green started to sparkle. It felt like the sparkles jumped up and lighted up the sky, what first started to shine a little orange and then lighted… Continue Reading →

Stone with the character

Curly stone admiring the winter sunrise.  There is was siting silently and enjoying the colors. It was a little freezing, but he just needed to be there.

December colors

Here is the sunrise colors, water, ice and different color stones. It is all together like fireworks of December

Three friends

Siorrow is always smaller and the joy is always bigger, if you can share it with someone. There is three friends on the frozen lake who came to enjoy the sunset, to experience something so beautiful together.

Moon is the Sun

I love this single oak in the field. It is really majestic. The photo is taken because of the clouds, what where this night really dramatic and the full moon even made it more beautiful.

Frozen sunrise

In the winter time there are moments on the sea, that everything feels frozen – the colors, water and even the wind. It is like frozen kingdom.

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