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Jägala waterfall with Milky Way

It is biggest waterfall in Estonia 8 meters high and 50 meters wide. During the night it is really magical place to be and enjoy the silence.

Colors say goodbuy

Railway to the autumn

River with yellow heart

Autumn waterfall

Sneaking sun

Sun was sneaking out from the fog really silently trying to see the magic floating on water and listen the leaving voices of night. It could move itself out so quietly, that there was even no ripple on the water…. Continue Reading →

Green dragon

Taking a walk in one of the Estonian national parks I went deeper to the forest to take a photo of a beautiful valley and there it was  – a green dragon coming silently to the water making it’s morning… Continue Reading →

Magical morning

Fairies were still flying around in the fog when the sharp fingers of sunrays started to tear off the fog curtain to see also, what is happening on the sea.

King of the trees

There are high trees and wide trees, shiny green trees and beautiful colorful trees but there is just one and only King of the trees.

Time stops

If you want to feel how it looks like when the time stops, then you need to go in a really foggy morning to the sea when it is still dark, sit down and wait silently untl the first sun… Continue Reading →

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