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Noctilucent clouds and summer

Isn’t it so, that such photos very often bring us all warm memories of summer to our mind. We even can smell the smells of summer.


Red clouds

Cape Sõrve

Green colors of summer

Nature is saying hello

Green stones in a blue hour

In the edge of the world

When you go to the edge of the world, then you can hang your legs over the edge and look how the clouds are sailing around you . Picture is taken in bog in beginning of september 2018.

Crowded sunset

In some evenings there is difficult to find place in the beach to admire sunset as there is so many stones and clouds already gathered together to enjoy the sunset. You really need to fight the place to yourself to… Continue Reading →

Mysterious morning

It was so silent, that we could hear the fog moving around you making silent sizzling voice. When you did not move you felt, how the it was moving slowly over you making short stops like drying to smell and… Continue Reading →

Sunrise in foggy bog

Windmill in sunset colors

Black and blue

Sometimes it is getting dark and you see just storm around you and everything is colored dark. Then you just have to concentrate to the beauty of the dark colors and you will see the sun light  coming after the… Continue Reading →

Evening like fairy tale

There are evenings like fairy tales, when you sit down looking deep in the water and see how the mermaids are swimming under the surface. If you are quiet, then you even hear their sing. You just feel how the… Continue Reading →

Orange and violet

There is always the competition, who is the last one, who will see the sunset.

Window to paradise

Pressed by two

When sky meets the land water needs to fight for it’s place and in some moment there is just possibility to retreat.

Summer sunset over the field

When the sun sets over the field and colors everything yellow-brown, then you feel the warmth of setting sun trough the picture and gives so much of positive energy.

Sand and Venus

Path to the silence

Estonian jungle

Natural nightclub

Full Moon rising

Stormy sunset

Moment when sea was nearly black, waves painted white and sky colored red.

Sunset in the bog

There are magical moments, when the world stops. Beautiful colors have been doing their best to build up the atmosphere, all sounds around you have stopped, you just hear how the mist is rising from the small lakes in the… Continue Reading →

Summer patterns

After the storm

When after the thunderstorm , you can see in spots fresh blue sky and sun starting to send yellow – orange tone, then comes the moment, when alga laying in the beach getting gold and chunks  remember us, that the… Continue Reading →

Sailing to tomorrow

Noctilucent cloud or night shining clouds

You can read more about these clouds in Wikipedia

Wooden spider came to beach to enjoy sunset

Guards of the beach

There was two heavy stones placed on the beach to hold it stable. Otherwise the seting sun would suck with it’s beauty everything down as the light and music of colours hypnotised the sea and the rest of the beach…. Continue Reading →

Old stone and a tree

Old piece of tree washed ashore joined the old stone to enjoy sunsets what the stone have been experiencing already for long. So they were laying quietly listening how the sun is going to the water making music of colors… Continue Reading →

Blue path between the rocks

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