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Noctilucent clouds and summer

Isn’t it so, that such photos very often bring us all warm memories of summer to our mind. We even can smell the smells of summer.


Red clouds

Green colors of summer

Nature is saying hello

Green stones in a blue hour

In the edge of the world

When you go to the edge of the world, then you can hang your legs over the edge and look how the clouds are sailing around you . Picture is taken in bog in beginning of september 2018.

Crowded sunset

In some evenings there is difficult to find place in the beach to admire sunset as there is so many stones and clouds already gathered together to enjoy the sunset. You really need to fight the place to yourself to… Continue Reading →

Mysterious morning

It was so silent, that we could hear the fog moving around you making silent sizzling voice. When you did not move you felt, how the it was moving slowly over you making short stops like drying to smell and… Continue Reading →

Sunrise in foggy bog

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