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Walking with camera

Here I have gathered photos that I have taken in different places of world. A lot of them have a story. Read the story and click on the picture to enlarge it, then possibly you feel the same feeling that I wanted to share with you.

FCI IGP-FH WC 2023 Pajulahti Finland

Lesser- spotted eagle

Osprey caught a fish

White-tailed eagle biting the prey

Young common buzzard

Northern lights in Estonia

Common buzzards having a fight

Golden eagle with prey

Big male brown bear

Golden eagle in sunshine

Brown bear with four cubs

Brown bear male

Kuressaare castle

Kuressaare castle is built in the early 14-th century. It is one of the kind castles in whole Baltics and for sure interesting to visit in every time of the year.

Noctilucent clouds and summer

Isn’t it so, that such photos very often bring us all warm memories of summer to our mind. We even can smell the smells of summer.

Bear cubs

Lesser spotted eagle took a frog

St. Bridget’s Convent in Tallinn

Brown bear having some fun

Golden eagle with rabbit

Brown bear youngster


Lesser spotted eagle

Beauty and the beast

Lesser spotted eagle

Jägala waterfall with Milky Way

It is biggest waterfall in Estonia 8 meters high and 50 meters wide. During the night it is really magical place to be and enjoy the silence.


White-taled eagle

Brother and sister

Golden eagle

White-taled eagle

Brown bear enjoying

Brown bear having small pause

White-taled eagle

Golden eagle

Laiuse castle

This castle was built in the 14-th cebtury and destroyed on the 17-th – 18-th century. It is really beautiful place in the middle of big fields which really help to travel in time and imagine the old times.

Brown bear having autumn walk

Witch’s well

Princess of winds

Aurora with Milkyway

Two friends

Boat from the dream

Aiming with eyes

Coming out of darkness

Tallinn Christmas market

Tallinn Christmas market is voted as one of the most beautiful in the Europe. Here is the view I took in sunset.

Decorated with yellow

Riding in a dream

Tallinn airport in sunset

Because of the virus there was no flights during some weeks, so it was possible to get licence to fly in such places with drone, where it has never been possible.

Time travellers


Tallinn capital of Estonia

Colors say goodbuy

Brown bear

In Estonia in forest around the country lives more than 700 brown bears. 30 of them lives in one area, where it is big chance to get good photo.

Magical winter evening

Did some fishing


Walking with youngsters

Red clouds

Cape Sõrve

Old oak with a lot of stories to tell

Admirering the Moon

Where did the winter leave

Green colors of summer

Winter fairytale

Red Moon over red sea

Railway to the autumn

River with yellow heart

Nature is saying hello


Colorful neighbors

It is Russian border with Estonia. Left is Estonia and on the right is Russia.

Life is an adventure

Autumn waterfall

Breathe of the winter

Queen of the castle


Dreaming of the pirate stories

Lady in red

On the edge

Queen of the night


Evening adventure


Sunset aport


Poker Face

Green stones in a blue hour

Where all the winter has gone

Yesterday we were just swimming in the ice-cold water, ice cold wind teasing us, with it’s soft breath. Waking up in the morning it was all gone. Gone as it has been just a dream and nothing left. There was… Continue Reading →

Flooding river


Rising Moon

Sunset and lighthouse

Windmill and Moon

It was frosty morning sunrise and windmill was just looking the Moon and enjoying the moment, when Sun started to rise and put it’s golden touch to the shoulder of windmill.

Frozen kingdom

Valaste is highest waterfall in Estonia with 30 meters. When cold winter wind blows hard and it is cold, then the steam of the water will cover all trees above the river and it’s looks like frozen kingdom. This photo… Continue Reading →

Dreaming of the summer

There was two friends just laying on the ground, having interesting chats and dreaming of the summer.

Winter ribs

Glowing in the winter grip

Underlined with white

Red in the cage

Silent sunset

When sun started silently to set down, it painted the sky as a waving of beautiful day to red. Two observers who had waited sun so long just could not leave and they had a dream about new day hopefully… Continue Reading →

Green springs in white winter

This is holy place near Tallinn, where are green- blue springs which pump up the water. Even in cold winter it is not getting very easy frozen. As much today it was sun shining, everywhere was totally white and there… Continue Reading →

Trapped in time

Hanging in the sunrise

It was cold winter morning, it was snowing and windy and there they were like small yellow sparks jumping around. Then the clouds spreaded a little and there was some color behind the birds and so I took the photo.19.01.19.

Peeking to the backyard

Peeking to the backyard. Old Town Tallinn.

Green trolls

Do you remember the green trolls from the animation Frozen. I just was also in their reunion in one night, what looked like a fairy tale.

Star observer

In every evening when the night gets dark and the stars will light one by one in the sky he is there. He aims head to the sky and enjoys silently the show. As there is not so much nights… Continue Reading →

Coffee with whipped cream

Winter sunrise colors

Winter wonderland

To be perfect, there must be ice and water, white snow with sunrise colors. Then it is as close to the perfect as can be.

Keila – Joa Schloss

Counting the stars

When it got darker then the old Oak tree always started to count the stars. He had a dream to count all the stars in the sky. He always started with a lot of energy, but after some time of… Continue Reading →


Freezing sunrise

There is such moments in the nature, that you will take the photo and after opening it in the computer, ther eis possibility to smell the cold. Cold has the best smell of the winter

Follow the stars

Follow the stars and you will see wonderful placies and meet interesting creatures.Photo taken in Keila waterfall.

Sneaking sun

Sun was sneaking out from the fog really silently trying to see the magic floating on water and listen the leaving voices of night. It could move itself out so quietly, that there was even no ripple on the water…. Continue Reading →

December color party

First it was green and black. Then came the white shades and the green started to sparkle. It felt like the sparkles jumped up and lighted up the sky, what first started to shine a little orange and then lighted… Continue Reading →

Stone with the character

Curly stone admiring the winter sunrise.  There is was siting silently and enjoying the colors. It was a little freezing, but he just needed to be there.

December colors

Here is the sunrise colors, water, ice and different color stones. It is all together like fireworks of December

Three friends

Siorrow is always smaller and the joy is always bigger, if you can share it with someone. There is three friends on the frozen lake who came to enjoy the sunset, to experience something so beautiful together.

Moon is the Sun

I love this single oak in the field. It is really majestic. The photo is taken because of the clouds, what where this night really dramatic and the full moon even made it more beautiful.

Frozen sunrise

In the winter time there are moments on the sea, that everything feels frozen – the colors, water and even the wind. It is like frozen kingdom.

Green dragon

Taking a walk in one of the Estonian national parks I went deeper to the forest to take a photo of a beautiful valley and there it was  – a green dragon coming silently to the water making it’s morning… Continue Reading →

Magical morning

Fairies were still flying around in the fog when the sharp fingers of sunrays started to tear off the fog curtain to see also, what is happening on the sea.

King of the trees

There are high trees and wide trees, shiny green trees and beautiful colorful trees but there is just one and only King of the trees.

Time stops

If you want to feel how it looks like when the time stops, then you need to go in a really foggy morning to the sea when it is still dark, sit down and wait silently untl the first sun… Continue Reading →

Laghi di Fusine, Italy

Caught by Nature

Caught by Nature. Photo is again infrared photo, what I took near Tallinn in Harku.

Canada goose flying to sunset

Like teletubbies scene

Sometimes you walk on the filed, then you stop and look around and it seems that you have walked into the TV program, as everything around you looks so familiar.

Two trees admiring the sunrise

Every morning father tree took is little boy and they took a long walk to the field, to have some chat and enjoy the time together. They walked to the open place, little boy sat in the front of the… Continue Reading →

Leave the red yarn behind you

When you will take a trip to fog, you need to leave red thread behind you to get back after.

Wooden dragon

There are dark magic evenings, when you siting quietly on the sea shore, looking angry clouds flying over your head aiming their drilling eyes on you and in some moments you might see how really old wooden dragon is crawling… Continue Reading →

Foggy morning and waterfall

Foggy mornings are magic, as they do not paint just trees and bushes to new color, but they also lay down on the river and make it shine when it passes the drop down from the rocky step This photo… Continue Reading →

In the edge of the world

When you go to the edge of the world, then you can hang your legs over the edge and look how the clouds are sailing around you . Picture is taken in bog in beginning of september 2018.

A peek to romantic love story

Sometimes it is so, that you walk, think your own thoghts and then something just wakes you up to look around and it seems like you got possibility to peek into romantic film, what was just running in other dimension.

Colored centuries

Misty sunset

Even there was last call to go to sleep, they just wanted so much to see the last light of the sun pushing through the fog, what was rising full. They wanted to see the reflections from the clouds smiling… Continue Reading →

Lonely stone enjoying the lightshow

When I arrived to the beach, it was totally empty. There was just lonely stone sitting in the waves enjoying the magical  party of colors. I did not want to disturb. So I did quickly my shot and left quietly.

Autumn fairy tale

Running water whispers poem, colors paint a painting and lightly blowing wind sews them together to beautiful fairy tale.

Little boy in his long way home


This photo is like a life. Someone sees in this picture colors, another dark shades;  someone sees sunshine, another just rain; someone arrival of  better weather, another continuing rain. And then there are persons who are colorful and stay and… Continue Reading →

Lonely traveler

“One moment there must appear  the lights of the ship, must hear the distant voices of joy and laughter. There is just need to concentrate well and  not loose a second of attention, as they must come out of the… Continue Reading →

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena in Flumignano

This church in photo is built on 13-th century. I like so much the buildings with all the spirit of these ages with surroundings combined with sunset. When you look on such scene it is possible to feel how the… Continue Reading →

Fog creates hereos

Lago di Fusine

Lago di Fusine is beautiful place in Italy near to the border of Austria and Slovenia. In Autumn when the leaves start to have some color it lookes like fairy tale as the lakes have green water inside. Do you… Continue Reading →

Crowded sunset

In some evenings there is difficult to find place in the beach to admire sunset as there is so many stones and clouds already gathered together to enjoy the sunset. You really need to fight the place to yourself to… Continue Reading →

Wild flamingo

This picture is taken in Italy in Marano Laguna. This place is so great having so many birds of different species. Photo is taken 09.09.18.

Mysterious morning

It was so silent, that we could hear the fog moving around you making silent sizzling voice. When you did not move you felt, how the it was moving slowly over you making short stops like drying to smell and… Continue Reading →

Sunrise in foggy bog

Reality or dream

Reality can be sometimes like a dream and dream can be as bright as reality.

IR photo of old castle

I continue make also IR photos, as much as they are interesting for me. This photo is taken with 1 minute long exposure to get the feeling of flowing time.  When you concentrate to the movements of the clouds and… Continue Reading →

Sunset , Moon and church

Windmill in sunset colors

Black and blue

Sometimes it is getting dark and you see just storm around you and everything is colored dark. Then you just have to concentrate to the beauty of the dark colors and you will see the sun light  coming after the… Continue Reading →


Evening like fairy tale

There are evenings like fairy tales, when you sit down looking deep in the water and see how the mermaids are swimming under the surface. If you are quiet, then you even hear their sing. You just feel how the… Continue Reading →

Lighthouse in fog

It was really exceptionally warm summer evening and as winds has mixed the water in see, the water was exceptionally cold and so the sea was steaming and setting sun was coloring it beautiful.

Gate to Narnia

When the cupboard was moved to gate to Narnia came open. You nearly could feel how it sucks you int the fairy tale and you clearly heard the voices of all the mystery creatures. Foto is taken in Finland near… Continue Reading →

IR picture of Kadriorg

Infrared photography is interesting in the way, that human eye does not see IR. So the world in IR photos looks a bit different than human eye has used to see. Here is picture of Talinn Kadriorg

Orange and violet

There is always the competition, who is the last one, who will see the sunset.

Window to paradise

Meeting at the crossroads

It was too late and time for running and splashing was ended. So father gathered children running around and it was time to go home crossing the highway of the sun

Pressed by two

When sky meets the land water needs to fight for it’s place and in some moment there is just possibility to retreat.

Summer sunset over the field

When the sun sets over the field and colors everything yellow-brown, then you feel the warmth of setting sun trough the picture and gives so much of positive energy.

Sand and Venus

It smells so good

Path to the silence

Estonian jungle

Natural nightclub

Full Moon rising

Stormy sunset

Moment when sea was nearly black, waves painted white and sky colored red.

Pink hour

Sunset in the bog

There are magical moments, when the world stops. Beautiful colors have been doing their best to build up the atmosphere, all sounds around you have stopped, you just hear how the mist is rising from the small lakes in the… Continue Reading →

Summer patterns

Took some photos of eagles

All these pictures are taken in the nature of wild living eagles. I went to the small shelter room for bird watching for 11 hours and was really lucky to see so many eagles over there. I wake up at… Continue Reading →

After the storm

When after the thunderstorm , you can see in spots fresh blue sky and sun starting to send yellow – orange tone, then comes the moment, when alga laying in the beach getting gold and chunks  remember us, that the… Continue Reading →

Sailing to tomorrow

Ice puzzle

Noctilucent cloud or night shining clouds

You can read more about these clouds in Wikipedia

Wooden spider came to beach to enjoy sunset

Time to go

Birds are heading to north and sund moving down, it is time to go.

Guards of the beach

There was two heavy stones placed on the beach to hold it stable. Otherwise the seting sun would suck with it’s beauty everything down as the light and music of colours hypnotised the sea and the rest of the beach…. Continue Reading →

Old stone and a tree

Old piece of tree washed ashore joined the old stone to enjoy sunsets what the stone have been experiencing already for long. So they were laying quietly listening how the sun is going to the water making music of colors… Continue Reading →

Blue path between the rocks

Sleeping mountains

Sun is making it’s last peek over the mountains who are already sleeping in mist. When you look this picture it is so easy to take a parallel of reading the fairy tale to the baby. Sun is like the… Continue Reading →

Magic around us

Everything is silent. You hear just the voice of the energy flowing between old mossy stones and you feel all this power, what the old sorraundings bring with them and the energy water is pushing inside. In the same moment… Continue Reading →

Place were fairy tales born

Standing in the river looking all this water flowing down the slope you just feel how all this energy what is coming down is building inside you and it makes you feel so great.

Sunset in Poland

Every sunset has his own story, what he want’s to tell to us. Sometimes it’stired, sometimes it’s joyful, sometimes just singing quietly.

Contrasts of April

This year April has been so full of contrasts. It has been -15 and in a few days abou +20. One day snowing 30 cm and next sun shining warm.  This picture characterises the feeleing well. It was 22 degrees… Continue Reading →

Spring paints fairytales

There are placies where fairytales born. You just need to walk with open eyes and you can find such placies. Some of them are painted, like in this picture.

Spring waters take over

We have place in Estonia called Soomaa. It is an area surrounded with bogs and every spring when snow is melting the waters will cover big areas (fields and forest) with water in the way, that you can go with… Continue Reading →

Spring flood on the field


Fire and ice

As winter was long and cold there formed quite a lot of ice in the sea. In the spring this ice starts to move and storms are building high hills of it.  

Same sunset, different direction

Volcano of ice

Ice, wind and fire

-5 degrees cold spring evening , wind blowing from north about 12 m/ sek  with a will to take airs away and just so beautiful sunset, what warms all up. Enjoy 🙂

Night in Venice

Sunrise in Lignano


Magical stairs

Northern lights

Evening smiles

Mirror mirror on the wall

Beautyful colours of winter

Picture is taken near Paldiski. There is a coast with height more than 20 meters. As it is most open place to the sea in Estonia, there is a lot of wind. As wind and cold are the friends who… Continue Reading →

Sunrise in Tallinn

Picture is taken from side  Rocca al Mare  with direction to Tallinn center. You can see chruches and high buildings of Tallinn in the front of flames of sunrise.

Place where fairy tales live

” I stopped for a moment and could still listen in the air weak voices reminding what just happened.  Just a moment ago here were the fairies  flying quietly,  disappearing into the thick mist, leaving sparkling dust that faded slightly… Continue Reading →

Stone family reunion

A stone with long hair

Sunset strokes the trees

I was driving by the road and sun was just seting down. Its rays were allready deeper yellow and it was so nicely touching the trees.  Looking this picture it seems, like sun is reading the fairy tale to the… Continue Reading →


No words needed to the picture. When there is really bad weather in the spring, in summer and in autumn, then it looks like this and this is called HUNGER.

Sound of silence

Winter likes to paint mostly with white colors, but to make more enjoyable feelings to the people winter sometimes also uses different shades of brown or yellow. It also leaves some spots of water clear that trees pending over the… Continue Reading →

Take a drive on the sea

When in Estonia there is cold winter, then we will have 7 officials ice roads over the sea to the islands. Sea will be covered by ice and it is so thick, that you can drive with car. Longest of… Continue Reading →

Light in the end of tunnel

We all have heard the saying, that there is light in the end of tunnel. When I walked by the street, I saw this tunnel it was obvious, that this is THE tunnel with the light in the end, where… Continue Reading →

Nights full of light

This picture is made on 23-th of June in midsummer day at 24:00 in middle of night in North Finland. There is two months of light, when sun does not set at all.  23 to 24 of June is the… Continue Reading →

Volcanic art

All this beauty in the picture is not touchable. The water is boiling and is not touchable. The art of colors is made by different minerals connected to volcanic land. Picture is taken in New Zealand. When you travel to… Continue Reading →

Palms and sea

Mostly we see such pictures taken in some paradise beaches near warm ocean. This picture is taken in Hiiumaa (second biggest island in Estonia). No palms, no ocean, not even so warm, but can also be as beautiful 🙂

Landscape of New Zealand

Moon or not to Moon


This picture I took because colors,as the sea in Venice has so nice color in contrast of blue sky still having nice white clouds, old houses with red roof.

Sea is boiling

This picture is taken early spring in Tallinn. During the daytime the sun is shining warm already and making sea warm up. On the same time the evening and night can be really cold. In this situation warmer sea water… Continue Reading →

Time likes to play with us

This is the kind of picture I really enjoy the feeling of contrasts. Old rusty metal fence laying in a old concrete base. Old walkway where you can see how time has been taking pieces of that. You can see… Continue Reading →

Time has frozen

Mostly the winter comes with cold and snow. If the cold starts without snow, then the world will froze and look like someone has stopped the time. You can walk on the ice look through all water waving under you… Continue Reading →

In the edge of the World

This picture is taken in edge of the world – the northernmost point of Europe in Nordkapp. The ones who have seen different movies about sailors going to the end of the world, there are so similar frames. Look the… Continue Reading →

Spirit of centuries

  Even this picture is nothing special as many tourists have visited  Spanish Riding School in Vienna, I put it here.  It is again the kind of picture, what has story to tell about the past. Look this picture longer… Continue Reading →

Beautiful sunset

This picture is taken in July. It was warm evening, really quiet and you could nearly hear, how the sun went down to the water making quiet fizzle. In such evening it is so good just to lay down in… Continue Reading →

Sulfur is an artist

New Zealand is a volcanic island. That means, that there is a lot of volcanoes and also remains of earlier volcanic eruptions.  Mostly when we think about the volcano it seems to us brown and black rocks. Anyhow the chemistry… Continue Reading →

Lake between mountains

When you go on summer time to the Alps, then you see these giants totally different. They are blooming of energy and the best place where to go is the lake between the mountains. Usually these lakes are really warm… Continue Reading →

Stones and ice

This picture is taken in the western point of Estonian biggest island Saaremaa  during the spring. Weather is getting already warmer and wind starts to carry the ice to the land. In my mind the games of the ice in… Continue Reading →

Loose rolled road

This is road from northern Finland. I like ta balance. As the trees are already because  the colder weather smaller, the road comes better out and so it looks like from some cartoon.  Up and down – up and down… Continue Reading →

Some dialoque

Beautiful colors of Estonia

Do you know that 22,3 % of the area of Estonia are the swamps. We have 9836 swamps in Estonia.  I like the feeling in the picture made by different brown shades and dead trees standing in the middle of… Continue Reading →

Paradise of paradise

This is Bridal Veil Falls near surfing paradise Raglan in New Zealand. When you look this waterfall with all surroundings it looks also like paradise. New Zealand is also paradise for the photographers. It is said, that in this place… Continue Reading →

Like a fairy tale

Bled is a beautiful lake in Slovenia having a church in the middle of lake on the island and a castle in the bank of lake. Sounds like a fairy tale. It is a kind of place, where you easily… Continue Reading →


When I came to this point in Basel (Switzerland) it felt to me as black and white photo. When you look this photo, it is really difficult to realize is this photo taken in 50-s, 60-s or 80-s. It is… Continue Reading →

Flow of time

I was walking with my family in the middle of Tallinn in higher hill, what is covered with sand. There was squirrel who after seeing us made a quick run to the nearest tree. I followed him with camera standing… Continue Reading →


In a cold winter evening I went to take a photo of the supermoon. I wanted to have a picture in the situation, that beside the supermoon there is a tree or building, what shows the Moon much bigger than… Continue Reading →

Wild and beautiful

Picture is taken in the border of North Norway and Finland. To be alone, you can travel to the deepest jungle and you cannot meet anyone for the days. Th same kind of wild spot exists also in the north,… Continue Reading →


Mirror mirror on the wall. Picture is taken in the Northern Finland 03:00 at night in the middle of summer when sun never sets down. The polar day starts there in 16-th of May and ends in 27-th of July…. Continue Reading →

Beauty and the beast

I like to take photos, where the contrast plays a role. This picture is taken in Ukraine. There is old brick house, where most of the plaster has fallen down. It looks like really old man sitting in the chair… Continue Reading →

Enjoy the silence

Travelling in different parts of the world there is always something what is different and something what is similar. In my eye nature in totally north looks really unique. This picture is taken in middle of the summer near the… Continue Reading →

When nature takes red blanket over the land and says good night

Click the picture as big as it gets. Just look deeper to the picture and imagine the feeling. For sure it brings positive feeling and emotions.  

Nature takes over

Here is nice combination. Gasoline station versus nature.

Just the windmills

I like the feeling of this picture. It is looking like desert having just windmills until the horizon. Even the trees peeking out look like  oasis.  When you look this picture it looks like  emtyness. It looks a bit like… Continue Reading →

Sun was coloured red

Often we see red colour when sun sets or rises. It is more rare, that sun turns red even some hours before the sunset. In this picture it was like this. Mostly red colour is because of the Earth athmosphere,… Continue Reading →

When everything gets pink

Tree is having a rest

Brown tree was having a long swim so he desperatly needed a rest. Just after a moment he saw a green friend giving possibility for that. So he put arms around the friend and took a moment …. what lasts… Continue Reading →

Blooming alley

This picture is taken in the end of April in Oberdorla (Germany). There was nearly half km long trail between the fields and all the way apple trees were blooming. When you just concerntrate for a minute to this picture… Continue Reading →

House is never just a house

When I visit different placies in the world I like to watch houses and surroundings not as whole picture but as a set of details. Very often if you concentrate to smalled details of different houses, they have so beautiful… Continue Reading →

Winter sunrise

I live in the place, where just behind my garden starts the forest. Moment caught to the picture was taken in the cold winter  morning, when sun was just rising above the horizon . Sky was totally covered with clouds…. Continue Reading →

Really old tree having hole in the heart

It was kind of magical to see old tree taken down. It had been so old, that the inner part was already missing. Looking this part of the old tree in the park it was quite a symbolic to see… Continue Reading →

Shortest day midday sun rays in the park

In the end of December it is shortest day, when sun is rising just a little above the horizon. As because the winter the air is cold and can me a little frozen-foggy, it gives to sun rays more golden… Continue Reading →

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