All these pictures are taken in the nature of wild living eagles. I went to the small shelter room for bird watching for 11 hours and was really lucky to see so many eagles over there. I wake up at 4 o clock at night drove over there to be in the spot when it is still dark and stay there until it is dark again. So  during these hours I needed to lay down quiet and wait to see the nature. It was about -7 degrees over there. Ofcourse I put warm clothes also, but becouse of adrenaline I really did not feel cold at all 🙂  I took  around 1600 pictures. Here is 35 of them. Eagles are not so common in Estonia and they are difficult to find. To get some pictures you need to know, where to go and stay there for a day. And you can be lucky and see many of them or not lucky and see not a single bird. I was lucky 🙂
Enjoy the pictures. You can click them bigger also.