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Month November 2018

Magical morning

Fairies were still flying around in the fog when the sharp fingers of sunrays started to tear off the fog curtain to see also, what is happening on the sea.

Laghi di Fusine, Italy

Caught by Nature

Caught by Nature. Photo is again infrared photo, what I took near Tallinn in Harku.

Canada goose flying to sunset

Like teletubbies scene

Sometimes you walk on the filed, then you stop and look around and it seems that you have walked into the TV program, as everything around you looks so familiar.

Two trees admiring the sunrise

Every morning father tree took is little boy and they took a long walk to the field, to have some chat and enjoy the time together. They walked to the open place, little boy sat in the front of the… Continue Reading →

Leave the red yarn behind you

When you will take a trip to fog, you need to leave red thread behind you to get back after.

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