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Month July 2018

Lighthouse in fog

It was really exceptionally warm summer evening and as winds has mixed the water in see, the water was exceptionally cold and so the sea was steaming and setting sun was coloring it beautiful.

Gate to Narnia

When the cupboard was moved to gate to Narnia came open. You nearly could feel how it sucks you int the fairy tale and you clearly heard the voices of all the mystery creatures. Foto is taken in Finland near… Continue Reading →

Orange and violet

There is always the competition, who is the last one, who will see the sunset.

Window to paradise

Meeting at the crossroads

It was too late and time for running and splashing was ended. So father gathered children running around and it was time to go home crossing the highway of the sun

Pressed by two

When sky meets the land water needs to fight for it’s place and in some moment there is just possibility to retreat.

Summer sunset over the field

When the sun sets over the field and colors everything yellow-brown, then you feel the warmth of setting sun trough the picture and gives so much of positive energy.

It smells so good

Path to the silence

Estonian jungle

Natural nightclub

Full Moon rising

Stormy sunset

Moment when sea was nearly black, waves painted white and sky colored red.

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