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Month January 2019

Hanging in the sunrise

It was cold winter morning, it was snowing and windy and there they were like small yellow sparks jumping around. Then the clouds spreaded a little and there was some color behind the birds and so I took the photo.19.01.19.

Peeking to the backyard

Peeking to the backyard. Old Town Tallinn.

Green trolls

Do you remember the green trolls from the animation Frozen. I just was also in their reunion in one night, what looked like a fairy tale.

Star observer

In every evening when the night gets dark and the stars will light one by one in the sky he is there. He aims head to the sky and enjoys silently the show. As there is not so much nights… Continue Reading →

Coffee with whipped cream

Winter sunrise colors

Winter wonderland

To be perfect, there must be ice and water, white snow with sunrise colors. Then it is as close to the perfect as can be.

Keila – Joa Schloss

Counting the stars

When it got darker then the old Oak tree always started to count the stars. He had a dream to count all the stars in the sky. He always started with a lot of energy, but after some time of… Continue Reading →


Freezing sunrise

There is such moments in the nature, that you will take the photo and after opening it in the computer, ther eis possibility to smell the cold. Cold has the best smell of the winter

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