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Month February 2018

Took some photos of eagles

All these pictures are taken in the nature of wild living eagles. I went to the small shelter room for bird watching for 11 hours and was really lucky to see so many eagles over there. I wake up at… Continue Reading →

Beautyful colours of winter

Picture is taken near Paldiski. There is a coast with height more than 20 meters. As it is most open place to the sea in Estonia, there is a lot of wind. As wind and cold are the friends who… Continue Reading →

Sunrise in Tallinn

Picture is taken from side  Rocca al Mare  with direction to Tallinn center. You can see chruches and high buildings of Tallinn in the front of flames of sunrise.

Place where fairy tales live

” I stopped for a moment and could still listen in the air weak voices reminding what just happened.  Just a moment ago here were the fairies  flying quietly,  disappearing into the thick mist, leaving sparkling dust that faded slightly… Continue Reading →

Stone family reunion

A stone with long hair

Sunset strokes the trees

I was driving by the road and sun was just seting down. Its rays were allready deeper yellow and it was so nicely touching the trees.  Looking this picture it seems, like sun is reading the fairy tale to the… Continue Reading →


No words needed to the picture. When there is really bad weather in the spring, in summer and in autumn, then it looks like this and this is called HUNGER.

Sound of silence

Winter likes to paint mostly with white colors, but to make more enjoyable feelings to the people winter sometimes also uses different shades of brown or yellow. It also leaves some spots of water clear that trees pending over the… Continue Reading →

Take a drive on the sea

When in Estonia there is cold winter, then we will have 7 officials ice roads over the sea to the islands. Sea will be covered by ice and it is so thick, that you can drive with car. Longest of… Continue Reading →

Light in the end of tunnel

We all have heard the saying, that there is light in the end of tunnel. When I walked by the street, I saw this tunnel it was obvious, that this is THE tunnel with the light in the end, where… Continue Reading →

Nights full of light

This picture is made on 23-th of June in midsummer day at 24:00 in middle of night in North Finland. There is two months of light, when sun does not set at all.  23 to 24 of June is the… Continue Reading →

Volcanic art

All this beauty in the picture is not touchable. The water is boiling and is not touchable. The art of colors is made by different minerals connected to volcanic land. Picture is taken in New Zealand. When you travel to… Continue Reading →

Palms and sea

Mostly we see such pictures taken in some paradise beaches near warm ocean. This picture is taken in Hiiumaa (second biggest island in Estonia). No palms, no ocean, not even so warm, but can also be as beautiful 🙂

Landscape of New Zealand

Moon or not to Moon


This picture I took because colors,as the sea in Venice has so nice color in contrast of blue sky still having nice white clouds, old houses with red roof.

Sea is boiling

This picture is taken early spring in Tallinn. During the daytime the sun is shining warm already and making sea warm up. On the same time the evening and night can be really cold. In this situation warmer sea water… Continue Reading →

Time likes to play with us

This is the kind of picture I really enjoy the feeling of contrasts. Old rusty metal fence laying in a old concrete base. Old walkway where you can see how time has been taking pieces of that. You can see… Continue Reading →

Time has frozen

Mostly the winter comes with cold and snow. If the cold starts without snow, then the world will froze and look like someone has stopped the time. You can walk on the ice look through all water waving under you… Continue Reading →

In the edge of the World

This picture is taken in edge of the world – the northernmost point of Europe in Nordkapp. The ones who have seen different movies about sailors going to the end of the world, there are so similar frames. Look the… Continue Reading →

Spirit of centuries

  Even this picture is nothing special as many tourists have visited  Spanish Riding School in Vienna, I put it here.  It is again the kind of picture, what has story to tell about the past. Look this picture longer… Continue Reading →

Beautiful sunset

This picture is taken in July. It was warm evening, really quiet and you could nearly hear, how the sun went down to the water making quiet fizzle. In such evening it is so good just to lay down in… Continue Reading →

Sulfur is an artist

New Zealand is a volcanic island. That means, that there is a lot of volcanoes and also remains of earlier volcanic eruptions.  Mostly when we think about the volcano it seems to us brown and black rocks. Anyhow the chemistry… Continue Reading →

Lake between mountains

When you go on summer time to the Alps, then you see these giants totally different. They are blooming of energy and the best place where to go is the lake between the mountains. Usually these lakes are really warm… Continue Reading →

Stones and ice

This picture is taken in the western point of Estonian biggest island Saaremaa  during the spring. Weather is getting already warmer and wind starts to carry the ice to the land. In my mind the games of the ice in… Continue Reading →

Loose rolled road

This is road from northern Finland. I like ta balance. As the trees are already because  the colder weather smaller, the road comes better out and so it looks like from some cartoon.  Up and down – up and down… Continue Reading →

Some dialoque

Dog must be in tracking selfconfident and active

Tracking is always teamwork. That means – dog tracks and handler follows him in the way, what gives to the dog best chance to make perfect work. Anyhow a lot of people have tendency to help their dogs. Very often… Continue Reading →

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