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Month January 2018

My tracking system

My tracking system Through various practical experience gathered during many years I have created my own tracking system that is quite different from the mainstream approach. I think it has proven to be a successful one. With my own young… Continue Reading →

Beautiful colors of Estonia

Do you know that 22,3 % of the area of Estonia are the swamps. We have 9836 swamps in Estonia.  I like the feeling in the picture made by different brown shades and dead trees standing in the middle of… Continue Reading →

Paradise of paradise

This is Bridal Veil Falls near surfing paradise Raglan in New Zealand. When you look this waterfall with all surroundings it looks also like paradise. New Zealand is also paradise for the photographers. It is said, that in this place… Continue Reading →

Like a fairy tale

Bled is a beautiful lake in Slovenia having a church in the middle of lake on the island and a castle in the bank of lake. Sounds like a fairy tale. It is a kind of place, where you easily… Continue Reading →


When I came to this point in Basel (Switzerland) it felt to me as black and white photo. When you look this photo, it is really difficult to realize is this photo taken in 50-s, 60-s or 80-s. It is… Continue Reading →

Flow of time

I was walking with my family in the middle of Tallinn in higher hill, what is covered with sand. There was squirrel who after seeing us made a quick run to the nearest tree. I followed him with camera standing… Continue Reading →


In a cold winter evening I went to take a photo of the supermoon. I wanted to have a picture in the situation, that beside the supermoon there is a tree or building, what shows the Moon much bigger than… Continue Reading →

Wild and beautiful

Picture is taken in the border of North Norway and Finland. To be alone, you can travel to the deepest jungle and you cannot meet anyone for the days. Th same kind of wild spot exists also in the north,… Continue Reading →


Mirror mirror on the wall. Picture is taken in the Northern Finland 03:00 at night in the middle of summer when sun never sets down. The polar day starts there in 16-th of May and ends in 27-th of July…. Continue Reading →

Beauty and the beast

I like to take photos, where the contrast plays a role. This picture is taken in Ukraine. There is old brick house, where most of the plaster has fallen down. It looks like really old man sitting in the chair… Continue Reading →

Enjoy the silence

Travelling in different parts of the world there is always something what is different and something what is similar. In my eye nature in totally north looks really unique. This picture is taken in middle of the summer near the… Continue Reading →

When nature takes red blanket over the land and says good night

Click the picture as big as it gets. Just look deeper to the picture and imagine the feeling. For sure it brings positive feeling and emotions.  

Nature takes over

Here is nice combination. Gasoline station versus nature.

Just the windmills

I like the feeling of this picture. It is looking like desert having just windmills until the horizon. Even the trees peeking out look like  oasis.  When you look this picture it looks like  emtyness. It looks a bit like… Continue Reading →

Interesting tracking training illustating my training system

I did with my dog interesting tracking training. As many people in my different seminars have been asking about details of my tracking concept, I thought that I will write an article based on this training. I think that it… Continue Reading →

Sun was coloured red

Often we see red colour when sun sets or rises. It is more rare, that sun turns red even some hours before the sunset. In this picture it was like this. Mostly red colour is because of the Earth athmosphere,… Continue Reading →

When everything gets pink

Tree is having a rest

Brown tree was having a long swim so he desperatly needed a rest. Just after a moment he saw a green friend giving possibility for that. So he put arms around the friend and took a moment …. what lasts… Continue Reading →

Blooming alley

This picture is taken in the end of April in Oberdorla (Germany). There was nearly half km long trail between the fields and all the way apple trees were blooming. When you just concerntrate for a minute to this picture… Continue Reading →

House is never just a house

When I visit different placies in the world I like to watch houses and surroundings not as whole picture but as a set of details. Very often if you concentrate to smalled details of different houses, they have so beautiful… Continue Reading →

Winter sunrise

I live in the place, where just behind my garden starts the forest. Moment caught to the picture was taken in the cold winter  morning, when sun was just rising above the horizon . Sky was totally covered with clouds…. Continue Reading →

Really old tree having hole in the heart

It was kind of magical to see old tree taken down. It had been so old, that the inner part was already missing. Looking this part of the old tree in the park it was quite a symbolic to see… Continue Reading →

Shortest day midday sun rays in the park

In the end of December it is shortest day, when sun is rising just a little above the horizon. As because the winter the air is cold and can me a little frozen-foggy, it gives to sun rays more golden… Continue Reading →

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