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Colors say goodbuy

Brown bear

In Estonia in forest around the country lives more than 700 brown bears. 30 of them lives in one area, where it is big chance to get good photo.

Magical winter evening

Did some fishing


Walking with youngsters

Red clouds

Cape Sõrve

Old oak with a lot of stories to tell

Admirering the Moon

Where did the winter leave

Green colors of summer

Winter fairytale

Red Moon over red sea

Railway to the autumn

River with yellow heart

Nature is saying hello


Colorful neighbors

It is Russian border with Estonia. Left is Estonia and on the right is Russia.

Life is an adventure

Autumn waterfall

Breathe of the winter

Queen of the castle


Dreaming of the pirate stories

Lady in red

On the edge

Queen of the night


Evening adventure


Sunset aport


Poker Face

Green stones in a blue hour

Where all the winter has gone

Yesterday we were just swimming in the ice-cold water, ice cold wind teasing us, with it’s soft breath. Waking up in the morning it was all gone. Gone as it has been just a dream and nothing left. There was… Continue Reading →

Flooding river


Rising Moon

Sunset and lighthouse

Windmill and Moon

It was frosty morning sunrise and windmill was just looking the Moon and enjoying the moment, when Sun started to rise and put it’s golden touch to the shoulder of windmill.

Frozen kingdom

Valaste is highest waterfall in Estonia with 30 meters. When cold winter wind blows hard and it is cold, then the steam of the water will cover all trees above the river and it’s looks like frozen kingdom. This photo… Continue Reading →

Dreaming of the summer

There was two friends just laying on the ground, having interesting chats and dreaming of the summer.

Our trip to FMBB 2019

Like previous World Championships I also make comments of this year FMBB trip in here.So I am again in the staring line. Why? I mean this is the question some people have been asking from me and to be precise… Continue Reading →

Winter ribs

Glowing in the winter grip

Underlined with white

Red in the cage

Silent sunset

When sun started silently to set down, it painted the sky as a waving of beautiful day to red. Two observers who had waited sun so long just could not leave and they had a dream about new day hopefully… Continue Reading →

Green springs in white winter

This is holy place near Tallinn, where are green- blue springs which pump up the water. Even in cold winter it is not getting very easy frozen. As much today it was sun shining, everywhere was totally white and there… Continue Reading →

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